Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Uniquely Lorna Jane Activewear Review

Good Morning and Happy Wednesday Chickies!

So last time I checked, I thought it was Spring?

Please tell me why Mother Nature has been bi-polar... going from rain to hail to snow to sunny and warm all within one day!?!

The reason for my rant? Yep, I was outside in that rain Monday morning getting my workout in!

My gym just introduced a new class called Killin It, which one of my favorite trainers in the gym is the instructor so, obviously I would have to go.  Did I mention it's at 5:15 a.m. and outside? Sounds like a good time to me! Yes, I'm not normal... but, who really is? #mindblown

Well, this past Monday was the demo day of the class... for just a demo it certainly kicked my booty!

I know you're curious so, I'll share a little insight into what the class was like:

The class consisted of 2 rounds, 4 stations in the first round and 2 in the second round.

The first round entailed pull ups, box jumps, burpees, medicine ball exercises, weighted squats, abs, sprints and pushups.... yes, I know... it kicked my ass...

The second round was made up of sand bags and these 'ladders' that laid flat on the ground...

It was a sweaty outdoor 5am kickass workout! Such a great class!

brrr... post workout...

I decided that this new class would be a great opportunity to test out my new activewear that I received from Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane Activewear

Disclaimer: I am not the best 'fitness blogger, photographer' when it comes to pictures of me working out or gym "selfies" since I feel way too weird to be 'that girl' in the gym taking selfies (something that I'll eventually get over down the line, I'm sure) so, I appologize in advance for the lack of images.

If you haven't heard of Lorna Jane Activewear before check out this video! Definitely gives you some awesome insight into her clothing line and mission!

I wore a pair of Lorna Jane Crops & a black mesh Lorna Jane Tank to this messy Monday morning class...

Absolutely loved both pieces and the fact that they held up perfectly in those messy weather conditions and crazy obstacles says a lot! 

One perk to notice is that the crops have a draw string in the inside of the waistband which is such a great option! I actually have never had this on any of my workout gear before so it was nice to be able to adjust the waist so that I felt comfortable.  The top was extremely breathable which, wasn't exactly necessary in the cold and rain... but, it's definitely perfect for an indoor workout or outdoors in the heat!

Post workout... A glimpse of the workout conditions...

Did I mention, I also looked pretty damn good... All black with my neon sports bra... I think I was 'killin it' haha

Post workout selfie

Oh and here is some optimism for you.... After my morning workout in the cold and rain the weather turned to sleet and snow so, I'll be thankful I didn't get caught in that mess!

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Reebok ZQuick Sneaker Review - These shoes will make you UNNATURALLY QUICK!

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok.

Knowshon Moreno, Aly Raisman and Johny Hendtricks for Reebok Video

Who is ready for the Reebok ZQuick Sneakers?

Reebok and FitFluential have given me the opportunity to test out a brand new pair of running sneakers, which makes me one happy runner!

I present to you…

Reebok ZQuick Sneakers

Today's post is all about these brand new running sneakers and my experience with them thus far!

Let's rewind back a few days shall we...

Last Thursday Night: 

Say what? What has my main…I mean mail man brought me home this time?

First Impressions: I mean really? That neon just screams my name (Gina, GINA, You know you want me!)... I mean… DUH!

Okay, fine… I'll get serious for a minute...

Here are some facts that I noticed before I even tried them on…

Color: Neon Orange and Black which is extremely bright but totally me.

Exterior Build: Very flexible and breathable, I can already tell that a lot of thought and research went into creating these sneakers.  They are definitely unlike any other sneaker in my closet which, makes me excited to give them a try.  Also, the materials used feel very soft.

Interior Build: There is an inner last around the sock line of the sneaker which is something that I haven't seen before.  The sole is also very soft with some added cushion.
First Impressions... I’m already hooked but definitely eager to try them out for real.  I've worn my fair share of running sneakers and between both the foot issues that I have dealt with and the races that I have tackled, I can promise that these opinions are all my own.

Last Friday: Cross Training Workout

During the Winter I am typically in the habit of cross training rather than actual outdoor running because, let's be honest... it's cold over here in the Northeast and black ice is EVERYWHERE!

Post workout Sunrise

It's gorgeous right? But yea, not to run in!

The first workout that my ZQuicks' endured involved a lot of walking lunges, squats, push-ups, lateral moves, burpee's... and well… you get the idea!

How did they do?


Comfort Level: They rocked it.  They feel like they conform to your foot and are so lightweight that they just move with you.  Not once during my workout did I think about my feet or any discomfort which was great.  It's so annoying when you're more worried about something that you are wearing rather than the workout itself.

Last Saturday: Time to hit the treadmill and really test out how these sneakers handle a few miles!


Treadmill workout!

Post workout selfie ;)

Like I've mentioned earlier and for those who are readers of my blog are definitely aware of the issues that I have gone through with (1) finding a sneaker and then (2) loving a sneaker.  I know it's only the beginning of these ZQuick sneakers lives with me but, so far so good.

The run itself felt awesome and not once did my sneakers annoy me or feel uncomfortable. It was actually quite the opposite.  I'm use to wearing your typical running sneaker with all of the bells and whistles that comes along with the expensive price tag.  I am 100% not saying that these sneakers have no bells and whistles, they just have a few that are new to me.  They give off such a minimalistic type of feel while fully supporting your foot.   I definitely had a spring in my step and the sneakers were just winning all over the place.  I'm very excited to take these sneakers on my long runs with me! (That will unfortunately have to wait until there isn’t an ice rink on the ground)

So what are some of my favorite bells and whistles of the Reebok ZQuick Sneakers?

Don't you worry, I won't leave you hanging ;)

  • I'm thoroughly enjoying the flexible upper web cast that Reebook has introduced with these sneakers.  They are much more breathable and fully supportive your foot.

  • Like I've mentioned earlier, this bootie fit system is also a new perk that I'm enjoying! It's hard to explain but the material is just so soft that it makes the sneaker that much more comfortable and unique.

  • The natural mobility and flexibility that my feet have while keeping completely stable on the platform is also something to brag about.

  • They fit like a glove <3
After doing some research on the sneaker itself I came to learn that the ZQuick design is actually inspired from Z-rated sports car tires.  What is a Z-rated sports car tire you may ask? Well, apparently they are top rated for speeds in excess of 149mph. Reebok created the ZQuick sneakers in order to provide the same speed and handling for your feet.
Conclusion?? They feel great, are affordable and totally sexy = 5 Stars in my opinion!

Where can you purchase? Click here for the Reebok Store

I hope you've enjoyed today's Reebok Review of their new sneakers!

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Diana Dares her First Marathon... AGAIN: IT'S OVER B*TCHES!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD I DID ITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can officially say I've run a marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is really the best feeling ever and I have no clue where to begin to tell you about the whole experience.  This is gonna be a long one! hahaha…lemme start with the week before the marathon:

Sometimes I think I'm SuperWoman and don't think about resting and this was the case for the week before the marathon (I'm nuts).  Monday after work I had dinner with my two girlfriends, nothing crazy.  I was still walking every day to work (40 min) but I opted to take the subway anywhere else which is what I did that night to meet up with them.  I figured I'd give my legs as much of a break as I could attempt to.

Tuesday I ran a 4 miler in the morning because I had the amazing amazing amazing John Legend concert after work. I knew in advance when I had booked the tickets that my week was going to be crazy but I didn't care because there was no way I was missing him in concert and I'm glad I didn't!!!!! I've seen him one other time in concert and I can easily say it was one of the best concerts I've ever been to.  He is hands down one of the best live performers out there, it was absolutely insane. 


No words
I knew I wasn't gonna wake up early to run on Wednesday after the concert and Wednesday after work I dedicated my night to packing up the rest of the things in my apartment because Thursday was moving day!!!!!! I got everything done I wanted to and was in bed by about 11:00.  Unfortunately I slept like crap that night and didn't wake up early to get in the short 2 mile run I wanted to and good thing I didn't because my parents were at my apartment at 7am to get the moving day started!  I used my one day off that I've accumulated at my new job for moving day!

Although I had a very small room in my old apartment and not that many things (so I thought), moving took foreverrrrrrrr and it was really just my dad and I moving everything most of the time so we were absolutely exhausted by the end of the day.  It was a crazy day but thank god to my amazing parents for moving me in.  Next time, I'll be using movers!!!! Honestly though, only I would move three days before running a marathon hahaha but I had no choice!!!!!

I really had it set in my mind to not do much around my apartment on Friday or Saturday because I needed to rest and not exert myself and I was pretty damn good about it considering how crazy I am about wanting to get everything done ASAP! I worked Friday and then came home, stretched, foam rolled, made dinner, organized A LITTLE, and then relaxed (while icing) and went to bed.

Saturday was so nice.  I slept in, made coffee, made breakfast (eggs with tomatoes, avocado, and toast).  I relaxed (while icing) and watched tv for a good amount of time, stretched, and foam rolled.  I had a mid day yogurt and granola with an apple and then left the apartment for a little just to buy some essentials for the apartment and some groceries to make dinner that night.  I came back and started making my pre-marathon dinner!  I made salmon and cut up a big potato that I baked with lots of peppers, tomatoes, and onions, and I had a nice big piece of avocado.  It was the perfect dinner and something I knew would sit well in my stomach.  I got all my stuff ready for the next day, pinned my number to my shirt, all that good stuff, before foam rolling, stretching, and icing one last time!!!!!!!! I still wasn't nervousat all for the marathon; just in complete and utter shock that it was happening.  I went to bed at about 10:00 and woke up nice and early at 6am.

I was supposed to take the 8am ferry from Staten Island so I woke up early enough to make breakfast (eggs and toast) and mentally prepare before leaving the house at 7am.  I got to the subway which wasn't leaving for another 15 min, so to avoid my anxiety (because the ferry station gets INSANE for races), I took a taxi to the ferry terminal and I'm so glad I did because I got to the insanely crowded station but jumped on a 7:45ish ferry.  I zoned out on the ferry ride with my headphones on, taking everything and everyone in, trying to brush off the absolute shock I was feeling.  I kept my phone off most of the morning but would go in and out checking it to find some amazingly supportive texts that just got me overly emotional (in a great way though).  I kept on reflecting over everything it took to get to this point and couldn't wait to get to Staten Island to meet up with Kyndra and Lloyd.  I got out of the terminal and moved onto the insane porta potty lines before getting onto the shuttle to take us to the starting line.  That's where I met up with Kyndra & Lloyd and the excitement began!  Still not nervous.

Staten Island Ferry

I think I probably said AT LEAST 50 times before we started "I can't believe this is happening!"  We all said how we couldn't believe we still didn't feel nervous, it just seemed to be complete and utter shock.  There was an insane amount of people but there were shuttles constantly going in and out and it was extremely organized to take us to the starting point at the Verrazano Bridge.  To shorten this a bit, we had about 1 1/2 hours before we were starting so we just went to the bathrooms, ate (I had a banana on the shuttle, ate my yogurt when we got there, and had a bagel about an hour before starting), and then we got in our corral when it was time (about 10:30am).  This was about the time when the nerves hit but more than anything it was sheer excitement/anxiousness.  We were amping each other up on the line and I kept on feeling complete shock (I can still hear Lloyd shouting over and over again - OWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! So awesome, he is great at getting people amped! haha).  It was the COOLEST feeling seeing people starting and running across the Verrazano as we were walking to the starting point.  When the start gun went off, I think I nearly peed my pants from the excitement.  I had the cheesiest smile on my face because I was so so so happy and couldn't believe I had finally made it!!!! 

Crazy bathroom lines


Right before heading to the starting line!
People running across the bridge
Right before starting!!
Kyndra, Lloyd, and I started off together nice and slow running across the bridge, but probably about halfway across the bridge we separated and I started my solo mission.  My headphones were in my ears, I was really enjoying the view, and I was feeling a rush of all of these emotions thinking of how I got to this point, everything that's happened in the last year, and how amazing it was to be at this point knowing everything I've accomplished to get here.  I'm not even exaggerating when I say it was the best feeling I've ever felt.  The Verrazano is also supposed to be one of the first "hills" you hit in the marathon and I honestly didn't feel any incline or hill the whole way across the bridge... I do have to say though, it was pretty damn cold!

I worked my way across the bridge, and started the long journey into Brooklyn.  I spent a lot of the time in Brooklyn taking my headphones out and just hearing the bands that were at each mile and the cheers from the crowd which was really freaking awesome (Us 3 put a piece of duct tape on our shirts with our names on them so people could cheer us on - BEST.IDEA.EVER).  It was SO helpful hearing people cheer my name and support me - just so awesome.  I actually did stop at every hydration zone (which started at mile 3) for a quick sip of water/gatorade which I'm so happy I did but by mile 4, I really had to pee!  The porta potty lines were annoying though and I didn't want it to cut into my time!  I stopped at mile 5 to have my first energy gel (I had a piece of bread at mile 10, another energy gel at mile 15, another gel at mile 20, and a half a banana at around mile 22) but the lines were still too long for the porta potty - by mile 7 though, I gave in and waited in line because I was about to pee myself - that probably cut at least 5 minutes into my time which was annoying but I had to!  Even more annoying though that right after mile 7 there were a ton of porta potties without lines as I was approaching mile 8…WHATEVER.  

One thing I couldn't believe is how the miles were just passing by and I wasn't really counting them or feeling like it was taking forever to get to the next one like I usually feel during races.  It was just so enjoyable and the crowds were so awesome and supportive and helpful getting me through each mile.  Which was great because MY DAMN LEFT KNEE HURT THE ENTIRE 26.2 MILES!!!!!!! NOT COOL - not only that but my right ankle was bothering me so that made things a little difficult but I did a pretty good job at pushing through and pushing it out of my head and just focusing on enjoying the experience - I think it was the cold weather that made my knee hurt more than usual.

All I kept focusing on and getting excited about was getting over the Queensboro Bridge to see my family around mile 17!!  It was the most exciting feeling and I couldn't wait to get there.  When I got to the Queensboro bridge I was getting SO excited and really emotional again and what better timing for "Fighter" to come on my ipod than half way through the bridge!  Guys, there are no words to explain or to get you to understand what I felt when I saw my family and friends cheering for me as I was running up 1st Ave approaching them.  My mom was literally standing on the railing screaming my name, my friends all shouting for me, my Dad with the biggest smile on his face, my sister freaking out....I lost it and was hysterical crying and hugged each and every person as we all cried together (except for the men ;)) of absolute happiness.  When I say I have the most supportive friends and family ever, it's a total understatement.  I will never forget hugging my mom first and having her shout "I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!" - unforgettable…and my friend captured an unbelievable video of it :).  That really got me going for the next stretch of the race!!!! 

My cheer squad at Mile 17!!!
Their amazing posters

I headed up through Manhattan, through Harlem, into the Bronx, getting so nervous for the "wall" I was supposedly supposed to hit at mile 20.  All I could focus on was keeping my pace and pushing through because my knee just kept on getting more stiff with each mile.  I hit the Willis Avenue bridge (supposed to be another up hill battle at "the wall") but I was so focused, I didn't feel a hill or the wall AT ALL - it was insane. This is not to say that this wasn't difficult or that I didn't struggle or have a hard time - no, this was the hardest thing I've ever done, the entire thing was a struggle (especially with my knee), but my mind was in such a good place that I didn't feel what I thought I was "supposed" to feel.  The majority of people were walking but I kept running, not paying attention to anyone but me.  I have never felt so focused or so strong in my life.  Mile 21 was turning into a struggle with my knee but I just tried to focus on getting to mile 23 so I could se my family and friends again for one last shot of motivation.

I stopped at the bathroom again at mile 21 (my stomach was not happy with me) then continued…I had a half a banana, and pushed slowly but surely to mile 23 - the miles were dragging a little bit at this point.  When I got to mile 23 I saw my family and friends before entering Central Park and I still felt that same amazing feeling I felt at mile 17 when I saw them - and I was just shaking my hands freaking out saying "OH MY GOD I'M ALMOST DONE!" and they were just shouting "GO DIANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" so awesome - I can't say it enough. 

Last round of cheers before finishing!!!
So excited to finish!!!

I headed into Central Park for my last leg of the marathon.  Again, I didn't feel the hills in the Bronx, or in Harlem, and I didn't feel them in Central Park either.  I was just so focused on the pain in my knee and in my feet at that point (oh my goddddd my feet were exhausted and hurting so much)...but I knew I was almost done and that's what kept me pushing through.  Again, my headphones were out a lot because people were really cheering us on at this point and once I got to 59th street and was out of Central Park, my adrenaline was really running and I was getting so unbelievably choked up because I knew I was almost at the end!  I can still hear the police officer that said "you look great Diana, you're almost done!!!!!!" right before entering Central Park - and I almost stopped to make out with him out of sheer excitement hahahaha.  I entered the park again, saw the finish line in the distance, and started crying/pushing myself to run faster because I could not freaking believe I was at the end!  I was proud, happy, exhausted, shocked, amazed, and beyond excited - I literally felt every single emotion/feeling I could have felt as I was "sprinting" (it was a sprint in my mind) across the finish line.  I had a huge smile on my face and I was in tears as the woman put the medal around my neck.  I DID IT!!!!! I F*CKING DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST RAN THE MOTHER F*CKING NYC MARATHON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Official Time: 5:50:57

Official Babyyy

I feel great about it, I don't care that I'm well over the 5-5 1/2 hours I had in my mind to run it.  I felt so strong and so solid the whole time and felt like I did the absolute best I could do.  No regrets, nothing I feel like I could have done better.  I'm 100% happy with it!

I was so exhausted/so excited/so freaking cold!!!!!!! I just kept walking, got the bag that they gave us with little snacks and such in it, stopped and took a picture quick, I got wrapped in this foil type cape thing,  and walked my way out of the park as everyone was congratulating us.  I started eating a little granola snack as I was shivering/walking out of the park/texting my friends to let them know I was done and have one of them meet me at New York Sports Club with my stuff so I could shower quick and meet up with everyone at the bar.  Just as I was fearing I was about to get hypothermia (so dramatic) this little NYRR angel wrapped me in a Marathon blanket/poncho type thing that was sweet heaven on my tired/freezing/aching body.  It was definitely a painful walk down from 70 something street to 62nd street to meet my friends but I just felt complete and utter happiness.

My friends ran down the stairs and congratulated me, I showered quick, and then we made our way to the bar to meet up with my family/friends who were waiting for us (Kyndra, Lloyd, and I) upstairs!  Yes, I had to not only walk down and up stairs at NYSC, but I also had to walk up and down stairs at the bar - not cool, not fun...I just had to take it one at a time.  It was amazing meeting up with everyone and the support and love that they showed me was the best feeling ever and something I will never forget. 
With Lloyd and Kyndra!

I had a beer (which I was only able to have a few sips of), I chugged water, and I just sat and talked to everyone and celebrated with Kyndra & Lloyd with lots of hugs and discussions about how proud we were of each other.  When my food came (I ordered a sliders combo - half were burger sliders, half were buffalo chicken sliders, and a huge thing of fries) - I thought I was going to inhale them because I was starving but I literally had two sliders and felt nauseous so I had to get it wrapped up (which was heaven on earth the next day for lunch). Not only that but an hour into being there, I was SO beyond exhausted that we got the check and after saying thank you and goodbye to everyone, I got in a taxi and made my way back to my apartment.  I'll never be able to explain the shock, exhaustion, and pain your body feels after running a marathon.  For me, it was more exhaustion than anything else, besides my knee being in a lot of pain.  I got home, got in my pj's and immediately got ready for bed but I really couldn' fall asleep that night even though I was so tired.

Believe it or not, i HAD to work the next day - like I said, I used my only day off to move and since I just started my job on September 30th, I couldn't take off another day for after the marathon.  So yes, I worked the next day.  How did I do it?  I limped a little to the subway station, I took the subway stairs one by one like an old lady, and I made it to work a half hour late.  It's pretty unbelievable though how strong my body is and how quickly I recuperate - I must say I'm amazed with myself - I don't mean that to sound conceited or like I'm bragging, but I just have to express that I was shocked at how well my body handled the marathon.

I only felt stiffness/pain in my left knee which I wasn't surprised about since it hurt me the whole time running, but the rest of my body was just sore, but nothing crazy at all - I thought that I was going to be immobile but I was totally fine besides my knee being in pain.  I really just felt insanely tired at work that day, but nothing else too crazy.  I luckily had a 75 minute heat massage planned for after work so that was sooooo awesome and perfect even though the points she hit on my hips and legs (which is where the pain in my knee is rooting from) were unbelievably painful where my immediate reaction was to start laughing out loud hahaha not normal.  It really helped though and I think that was also a big part of me recuperating so quickly.  But honestly, a week later, people are telling me they can't believe I ran a marathon - I think it has to do with how much walking my body is used to and since I never really give it time to recuperate, it bounced back extremely quickly after the marathon.  I've been icing and foam rolling and I think I'll be ready to get back to the gym this week after taking the complete last week off and giving my body a rest.  There is still a little stiffness in my knees and a tiny bit of soreness, but overall, I'm feeling great.  PS, I also have to say that my feet do NOT look like I ran a marathon - I didn't even have blisters!  My secret was absolutely covering my feet with layers of Tom's Natural Deodorant before putting my socks on - it literally avoided any brutality on my feet - so good!

So, what am I feeling after running the marathon?  


-A true sense of accomplishment


(that I did it, and that it's over)

-Excitement (to start my new life and not have to train)

-Excitement (to go to the gym again and enjoy different work outs again)

-Gratitude (to my family and friends and everyone who had such amazing things to say before and after I ran the marathon - on Facebook, through texts, in person - just so so amazing)

I can't believe I did it.  Three years in the making and it's over.  I'm not bummed at all about not having something to train for now, I feel such joy that I can enjoy my life and focus on doing what I want now.  I'm so proud of myself for sticking to this.  I'm so amazed at what I was able to accomplish and so amazed at how strong I am - people always say that I'm strong but I never really believed it until I finished this marathon.  I am in awe at how amazing of a support system I have and I would have NEVER been able to do this without them, I swear.

It's over guys!  I'm so glad I documented my journey.  I'm so glad I shared this with whoever has been reading this.  I'm so glad I accomplished this.  And I'm so glad I can say I did it and will likely never ever ever do it again! hahahahahhahaha   Time to start my life again and enjoy all of the newness and excitement that is happening right now with me!  This has been a struggle, it's been painful, happy, sad, crazy...but it's all been worth it and I can honestly say the NYC Marathon was one of the most amazing and enjoyable experiences of my life.

Thank you to whoever was on this journey with me, to whoever read my posts, to everyone who supported me because your support helped push me through more than you'll ever know, and thank you thank you thank you to my friends and family for being there for me every step of the way and being my strength when I didn't feel like I had strength anymore!!!!!!!!

NYC MARATHON - CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I FREAKING DID IT B*TCHESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's officially overrrrr

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Diana Dares her First Marathon... AGAIN: 1 Week to 26.2 - LESS THAN A WEEK!!!!!!!!

Too much going on this week to write a real post! I'm a mad woman right now lol

...Moving into my new apartment
on Thursday

...Trying to settle in at my new job

...Getting ready for the marathon (but feeling like it's not really real!)

Things are beyond stressful this week and my body is reacting to it. My body handles stress really weird so I'm getting headaches, my eyes are just slightly stinging at all times, and my stomach is a wack job.  But I'm sticking to training and ran my final long run (8 miles) on Saturday!  I just have a few short runs this week until the big day so that is BEYOND exciting!

Too many things are happening at the same time but that's what's gonna make this "run" extra good and extra special.

So much has happened this year but it's amazing how you can do a complete 180 just in the matter of a year.  I have completely turned my life around from where it was a year ago and it makes me so unbelievably proud and happy to know the strength I've had the whole way through to get myself to a point where I can say...I kicked my ass to 1) get a job that I am really happy with and proud of...2) Live in my own apartment (rented) but know that it's all mine and I did it on my own...and 3) Challenge myself AGAIN to train for a marathon and make it through another year to (hopefully) reach my goal this time around.

I never let any of the annoying or frustrating circumstances I was going through stop me from getting to where I wanted to be and although it's all nuts and stressful, I'm glad it's all happening at the same time.

This run is going to be one big reflection of all that I've accomplished and it's going to be one hell of an emotional run, that's for damn sure.  This was 3 years in the making and I am one big mixed bag of emotions so I know I will probably be a hot mess on Sunday but it will be the happiest tears ever and I can't wait to do this FINALLY with the two people I went on this journey with from the very beginning: Kyndra & Lloyd, my running buddies who convinced me to run this marathon three years ago and who I will be at the starting line with on Sunday!  It feels fake, and I guess I'm still waiting for the hurricane report to come on the news lol but I feel like this isn't really happening!  It's absolutely insane but I am just overly excited to see them at the starting line, cannot wait to see my friends and family after I cross the Queensboro bridge and as I'm entering Central Park, and CANNOT WAIT to cross that finish line and know that I finally reached my goal and accomplished all that I wanted to accomplish so far in one year.  

Seriously, I can't believe it and I hope and pray it happens and really don't feel like it's going to happen until I'm at the starting line freaking the f*ck out knowing that I'm about to run 26.2 miles!  

It's scary and exciting and mind boggling all at the same time.  But it's definitely an emotional roller coaster and I'm ready to get it done and over with so I can start the next exciting chapters of my life!  

I probably won't have much time to slow down after the marathon but I will make sure to send out a nice long recap post - after I (hopefully) cross the finish line and can say that I RAN THE NYC MARATHON!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Let us pray lol)

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET'S GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4 Weeks to 26.2 - Getting my Head in the Game

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